Boise Divorce & Family Law Attorney

Divorce can be among the most emotionally difficult experiences a person can go through, and it’s easy to feel lost in the legal system. However, knowing your rights, understanding your legal options, and having our firm on your side can make all the difference in your process. No two families are the same and, in turn, no two divorces are identical.  Some families may be able to hash out the terms of an agreement amicably with just a little bit of help from their attorneys. Others may need the full force of the legal system to resolve their dispute.  We place great emphasis on identifying your priorities and devising a strategy that works best for you.

Divorce Services Include:

• Divorce and Settlement Agreements

• Child Support Enforcement

• Property Division

• Paternity

• Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements

• Domestic Partnership Agreements

“Our mission is to provide clients with individualized attention and cost effective legal services.  We are focussed on helping you resolve your legal issue.” - Susan Centeno


Our disciplined approach to resolving your legal issues will produce the best-possible outcome.