Adoption Attorney in Boise, ID

At Cozakos & Centeno, adoption is one of our specialty areas.

It is our passion to help bring families together. We know these cases have consequences that last a lifetime and affect many people; which is why we handle each case with delicacy and attention to detail. At Cozakos & Centeno, we help you through the process of adoption from start to finish. We have helped families in cities throughout the state of Idaho and finalized hundreds of international adoptions for Idaho families. We are affiliated with the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys which means we are one of the few firms in Idaho recognized as having the experience and expertise to help with complex adoptions. 

Adoption Services:

• Private Adoptions

• Agency Adoptions

• Interstate Adoptions - (adoption cases involving parties in two different states)

• Termination of Parental Rights 

Why we developed an adoption practice?

Ms. Cozakos developed an adoption practice because of her love of children.  She uses her extensive courtroom experience to help birth mothers and adoptive parents through the court process with compassion and ease.  She has handled over one-hundred private and agency adoptions and parental terminations throughout the state of Idaho.  Ms. Cozakos has significant experience finalizing international adoptions for adoptive parents who live in Idaho.  She also handles foster-parent and step-parent adoptions.  Ms. Cozakos is a member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, an elite group of adoption attorneys who have been recommended by judges and adoption specialists as experts in the field of adoption.  Ms. Cozakos strives to keep her costs low, understanding how expensive adoptions can be.


Our disciplined approach to resolving your legal issues will produce the best-possible outcome.